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Overview of Hair

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About Hair

Hair grows almost over all parts of the body. But the type of hair is not same all over the body. However, the actual composition of all types of hair remains same and they are keratinous structure budding out of follicle buried inside the outermost layer of skin. Though made up of dead tissues it has its own life cycle and much more. For a better understanding of hair you can go through the following topics.

Hair Structure

It is a cylindrical structure growing out of the hypodermis layer of skin or out of layer of fat lying just below the skin layer in case of scalp. The hair originates out of a follicle that is buried below the skin layer and the remaining part of hair that is visible above the skin layer is called the shaft.

Types of Hair

On the basis of pigmentation, size and diameter of the hair these are broadly divided into three types, namely; Terminal, intermediate and vellus. The hair that grows over our scalp is the terminal hair.

Hair Life cycle

Hair life cycle is divided into three parts namely; Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The Anagen is the growth period, catagen is the intermediate phase and the Telogen is the stage of rest and shedding.