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Follicular  Unit Extraction

The No Scalpel, No Strip, Minimally Invasive Procedure

Follicular Unit extraction or FUE as it is known is a relatively new technique of extracting grafts individually from the scalp. In this type of procedure a small round punch generally less than 1.00 mm in diameter is used to make a small circular incision around the follicular unit. These follicular units are then individually plucked from the scalp. This new procedure negates the need for a linear incision at the back and sides of the scalp with the inevitable scar that is produced.

Follicular Unit Grafting and Follicular Unit Extraction are sometimes viewed as being two totally different procedures. Follicular Unit grafting involves surgically removing a strip of skin from the back and sides of the scalp, this strip is then microscopically dissected into follicular units and these are implanted back into the balding areas of scalp.

FUE individually harvests these 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair grafts from the back and sides of the scalp. Each follicle after being extracted is examined under the stereoscopic microscopes and further trimmed of non-hair bearing skin if required. And then re-implanted into tiny incisions in the balding area. So effectively once these grafts are out of the scalp the implantation procedure is exactly the same as it is for FUG.

So in effect when a comparison is made between FUE vs. FUHT what is really being compared is linear strip excision (FUHT) vs. individual graft extraction (FUE). As FUE does net leave a linear scar it is of particular interest for those who wish to wear their hair very short at the back and sides.

In summary the one disadvantage of FUHT is the scar at the back of the scalp. FUE is a fantastic new advance and gives prospective patients an additional treatment modality to choose from. It certainly is technique of choice for those who want to keep their hair short. Apart from that FUE makes available additional donor areas by means of body hair grafts.

The Aravali Clinic is one of the few centres in India specializing in Ultra Refined FUE and is well placed to offer excellent results by this method.