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Follicular  Unit Grafting

Follicular Unit Grafting is based upon the principle that hair does not grow individually but in naturally occurring groups of up to 4 hairs. Traditionally, these follicular units had been obtained by clinics through microscopic dissection of tissue that is harvested in a single strip.

Using stereoscopic microscopes it is possible to identify and extract

these microscopic 1-4 hair units and transfer them to the areas of balding scalp. This method literally transfers the hairs in the same way that nature grows them and allows us to mimic a totally natural looking head of hair.

The advent of follicular units was a significant step forward over the previously available mini and micro grafts. Mini grafts were up to 2.5 mm in diameter and could contain up to 6 – 8 hairs resulting in a tufty appearance and an uneven or “cobblestone” appearance on the scalp. Micro grafts were 1-1.5 mm in diameter and whilst their size allowed for for a natural appearance because they were cut with the naked eye the natural grouping of follicles was ignored and vital anatomic structures were damaged in the dissection process. As a result growth rates of 50% were not uncommon.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) extracts follicular units directly from scalp with help of very narrow diameter punch (always less than 1.0 mm in diameter)

At the Aravali Clinic grafts are extracted using the using proprietary automated sharp punch system (always less than 0.8 mm diameter). This allows us to harvest grafts without need of removing skin strips and hence avoiding ugly scars and painful recovery. The resulting grafts are the smallest possible grafts you can achieve that will experience a very high growth rate, 95% or above is common in the hands of our surgical team.