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All about Hair loss

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Hair  Loss Drugs

There are many so called “remedies” for hair loss but only a few of these effectively slow down and eventually stop hair loss.

Hair loss drugs should always be taken under the guidance of hair fall treatment expert and the patient should follow the directions given by the hair loss treatment doctor for maximum benefit.

The following medications have been proven effective in treating hair loss and are backed by reliable and considerable volume of clinical data. Patients who considering hair transplant surgery can use the following hair loss drugs, but only on advice of expert hair loss treatment expert; so that they can keep the hair they have and mitigate the necessity for further hair transplant surgeries.


The hair loss treatment drug, Minoxidil, was approved in 1988 for the treatment of pattern hair loss. Early studies showed significantly improved hair counts in both men and women using a 2% minoxidil solution. In 1997, the FDA approved a 5% solution of the drug which provided even greater hair growth stimulation for men (studies show 45% greater hair growth).

For women, a 2% topical solution is most often used to minimize side-effects. Women seem to be more susceptible to side-effects of higher dose of Minoxidil’s than men.

However, Minoxidil still remains to be the preferred hair loss drug for the treatment of female pattern hair loss and Alopecia Areata because, Finasteride, the other popular potent hair loss drug, is not recommended due to its known negative side effects that can lead to problems related to child birth.

Effectiveness of Minoxidil’s, as one of the most popular hair loss drugs depends on the extent of hair loss and cannot restore full hair in cases where hair loss is severe.

Propecia & Proscar (Finasteride)

Finasteride is approved for use by men only. Women should not use Finasteride, or consume tablets with Finasteride as an active ingridient; doing so could cause birth defects in a male fetus.

Finasteride is administered orally. Studies indicate that Finasteride is an effective hair loss medication. It slows down hair loss and is also known for stimulating hair growth. Finasteride is best used to slow hair loss as soon as it is noticed, though is also effective in slowing hair loss detected at later stages.

Finasteride is available by prescription only. Both Minoxidil (for men and women) and Finasteride (for men only) are often suggested as an ancillary treatment to those receiving hair transplants.

The diagnosis of the cause and nature of hair loss is one of the most important and deciding factor about the type of hair loss treatment that is required in a particular case. At Aravali Clinic and Aravali Hair Institute, we put in the best effort to diagnose the cause and nature of hair loss before jumping on with any type of treatment or prescribing hair loss drugs. Once the problem and the root caused are diagnosed, the hair loss treatment expert can prescribe some hair loss drugs or other procedures that suit the case. However, in case, the medication is not the cure, the patient can, with guidance from the expert hair loss treatment surgeon, choose to get the hair back with surgical process.