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All about Hair loss

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Hair Loss   Pattern

Hair loss or irreversible fall of hair over the scalp in men and women is caused due to reasons such as certain medical & health conditions, high level of stress, deteriorating physical and emotional conditions and also due to hormonal and genetic predisposition. But, in all cases except hormonal and genetic predisposition, the hair fall does not follow any sort of common pattern. However, if the loss is due to androgentic alopecia then the pattern could be identified basis Norman-Hamilton Scale for Male Pattern Baldness and Ludwig Scale for Women Pattern Baldness.

Male Hair Loss Pattern

More men than women suffer from pattern baldness as it is triggered and caused due to imbalance of DHT or DiHydro Testosterone which is present in greater quantity in Men than Women.

Female Hair Loss Pattern

Female hair loss pattern is completely different from that of men. In men the loss is severe and results in baldness or bald patches over the scalp, whereas in women the pattern is that of diffused thinning. In women, even if the impact of androgenetic alopecia is severe, it does not hamper the hairline.