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All about Hair & Hair loss

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Hair  Loss

For ages people have blamed their forefathers or some distant elderly relatives for their rampant hair fall and subsequently for their irreparable and irreversible hair loss. However, now, medical science has identified that not only genetic but several other reasons and factors are also responsible for the problem of hair fall or hair loss. An investigation about hair loss, its types and treatment methods however require basic understanding of the following topics.

About Hair

Hair can primarily be divided into two parts namely hair follicle and hair shaft. The part of hair that is visible above the scalp is the shaft and the part buried in the layers of scalp is the hair follicle.

Hair Loss Drugsr

Several types of hair loss can be triggered due to intake of certain drugs; and in most of the cases hair loss is caused due to genetic predisposition which cannot be successfully cured by drugs, but there are medicines that are prescribed by expert doctors for effective treatment of certain types of hair loss.

Hair Loss Pattern

There can be several reasons for irreversible hair fall that leads to baldness in men and women. But maximum number of men and women suffer from hair loss due to pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.