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Hair  Transplant

If you are suffering from irreversible form of hair fall and the hair loss is taking a toll on your personal, social and work life and you have been told by the hair loss treatment doctors that no medication can help you to get your hair back. Then, do not just accept your baldness as a permanent menace that is to torment you throughout your life. Look out for the best hair loss treatment experts that offer advance dermatological processes for treatment of hair loss and baldness.

Our Hair Transplants Technique

At Aravali we counsel patient to about his condition and technique we would like to follow treating their baldness. This enables our patients to choose from Follicular Unit Grafting or follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant. The advances in the area of extracting and grafting follicular units with high success rate have actually fueled the popularity and success of hair transplant process. Innovative processes, advance equipment and even use of robots and automated complex surgical tools for the procedure have also eliminated the element of pain that is generally related to surgical processes; thereby making these techniques of hair transplant surgery an instant hit among people suffering from baldness.

Follicular Unit Grafting

At Aravali Hair Clinic and Hair Institute, we have one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi. Our expert hair loss treatment doctors put in their best effort to diagnose the problem and in cases where medication is not helpful in getting the hair back on the scalp, our doctors counsel patients for available option of Follicular Unit Grafting

Follicular Unit Extraction

Contrary to the FUHT method of transplant that require extraction of strip for maneuvering grafts out of them, in the FUE technique, the grafts are directly extracted and then transplanted over the bald region.

Aravali Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant treatment and hair restoration surgeries are dermatological procedures that are performed on suitable candidates by expert dermatologists or hair transplant surgeons. In particular, hair transplant surgery includes use of follicular grafts from donor area to the recipient area creating a natural pattern of hair.

Transplantation FAQs & Tips

Follicular Unit Grafting and Follicular Unit Extraction are two of the most popular hair transplantation processes that are useful both for men and women suffering from baldness. However, a patient should consult an expert for counseling before choosing any process. If you too are wondering about procedure that will suit your case, then check out our FAQs and Tips page.

Growth Timeline of Hair

Generally the hair grow at a definite pace and therefore when you have got hair transplanted over your bald regions of your scalp even then it will take its own natural time to grow back.

Online Hair Graft Estimator Tool

The choice of the hair transplantation procedure that will be best for your requirement and the cost implication can directly be assessed basis number of grafts that are required to cover the bald region of your head.