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Online  Graft Estimator

The number of grafts required for the hair transplant surgery can be calculated by multiplying the area to be covered with the density of hair that is expected on the recipient area, with an adjustment of minimal amount of grafts that are rendered useless due to various reasons.

However, the main challenge in making this simple calculation is caused due to unavailability of scale that can calculate the area of the bald region or more appropriately the area of the recipient region. Therefore, you can use this graft calculator or online graft estimator as per the criterion/choices indicated on it and get a fair idea of the number of grafts required for your hair loss treatment surgery.

But, this online graft estimator does not eliminate the need for actual consultancy since the size of the head, specific character of the naturally growing hair on the scalp, expected and viable density of hair and related factors vary from person to person and have their considerable impact on the number of grafts that is required for the hair transplant surgery.