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First line solution to baldness

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Our  Technique

Salient Features of Advanced FUE at Aravali Clinic
  • Fastest extraction speeds in industry
  • Minimum transaction rates
  • Atraumatic Implantation of grafts
  • ‘No root touch technique’
  • Much better survival and results than traditional FUT and FUE
  • Performed by team of Plastic Surgeons -leaders of the field

We do follicular extraction by proprietary automated sharp punch system that has been specifically modified to incorporate changes suggested by Dr Garg and Dr Rao. We have special guarded punch which allows us to achieve extremely low follicle transection rates and in built depth control makes it possible to preserve all essential follicle components. We at Aravali always choose punch as per patient characteristics. We do not use punch size larger than 0.8 mm diameter. We are This size allows rapid healing and recovery with minimal pain.


We perform all our surgeries under local anesthesia. High levels of accuracy and speed allows us to use least amount of drugs. We do not put you under sedatives unlike many other clinics. This allows our clients to be more flexible for their day routine and travel back home.


Advanced FUE at Aravali ensures that follicular grafts are outside body for minimum possible time . Grafts stay outside body for very little time. Customised implantation instruments allow us to choose different size device for different size grafts and hence ensure perfect fit for grafts ensuring maximum survival and growth.


Good hairline design is integral to successful hair transplant. We always spend considerable time discussing hairline preferences with our clients. Hairline is designed keeping in view age, skull shape, hair texture and patient wishes. This helps the patient also to visualize the result after the hair transplant surgery.


At Aravali Clinic, we frequently perform dense packing. We believe that there is no single level of density, which will be suitable for everyone. Density has to be decided taking into view follicular unit size, hair shaft thickness, extent and pattern of baldness, possibility of further loss and donor area capacity.

Robotic Hair Transplant /ARTAS – our views

ARTAS® system has been developed in US and is only ROBOTIC system available at present (unlike suction assisted systems being marketed as Robotic systems by many clinics). This is significant advancement in complete automation of hair transplant procedure. As of now, this system is available at few locations in USA. Artas system has many limitations including inability to harvest body hair. Further it does not add to speed or efficacy of extraction. Artas system is still not seen as replacement of standard FUE extraction procedures.

Suction Assisted Extraction ( Neograft®)

Many beauty clinics and centres not being run by surgeons are marketing suction assisted extraction as ROBOTIC hair transplant, whereas these machines are nothing but suction attached to motorized punch system. Accuracy and precision in this device completely depends upon person using the machine. Further, many authors have expressed doubts regarding trauma and dehydration during suction.

  Advanced FUE at Aravali Clinic FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUT (Strip Procedure)
Surgical Skill Required Highly skilled Average skill Average skill
Who performs it Only performed by few highly skilled surgeons Mostly beginners and less experienced Both beginners and experienced
Results Nearly 100% Variable Variable
Punch size Always less than 0.8 mm 1.0mm to 1.4 mm Scalpel(knife) method
Donor site healing Fastest because 25-30% less trauma Faster than strip method 2-3 weeks
Donor site scarring 30% less than FUE because of small punch No linear scar 20-25 cm long scar
Transection rates Less than 5% 10-30% Never measured(variable)
Density Upto 45-60 FU/sq cm 25-40 FU/sqcm 25-40 FU/sqcm
Single session capacity More than 2500-3000 FU 1200-1500 FU 2500-3500 FU