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Hair Transplant at Affordable Price

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Pricing  Details

The aesthetic appeal is priceless and you know what actually “priceless” implies once you suffer from hair loss or baldness. You want to give away almost anything to get your hair back. But, we at Aravali Hair Clinic and Institute won’t make you feel that you are spending fortunes to get back the priceless aesthetic appeal you have lost with your hair. Our pricing and payments system is in tune with ethics of medical profession.

For Online or telephonic consultation for International or outstation patients

We often welcome patients coming from outside of Delhi NCR. We have numerous patients from other states of the country. Skills and experience of our acclaimed hair loss treatment surgeons have even attracted scores of patients from all over the world.

While a personal consultation at the clinic is preferred, emailing good quality photos and a telephonic consultation is possible prior to the patient’s arrival at the clinic. You can also request for telephonic consultation with expert hair loss treatment consultant after taking online appointment for the same.

We feel glad to assist our patients with lodging arrangements and transportation to our clinic from the airport and railway station. We also provide assistance for arranging comfortable and safe mode of local transportation. Contact our office for details and assistance with arrangements.

Rates of FUE Hair Transplant

We feel glad to offer our patients best medical facilities and flawless surgical experience. With our state of the art hair transplant surgery facility that has the best possible equipment and medical infrastructure, both for follicular unit extraction and follicular unit grafting process of hair loss treatment, we ensure offering our patients unparalleled hair loss treatment experience at affordable prices.

Advanced DHT hair transplant (scalp hair) Rs 30 per graft (1000 grafts and more)
Body Hair Transplants Rs 55 per graft

Body hair transplant prices are offered after evaluation and are frequently done in combination with scalp hair grafts.All applicable taxes are charged extra. Please call or write to us to know more about our pricing structure.

Pricing Rationale

It is our belief that every hair transplant patient should be able to choose between the best suited technique only on basis of its merit or as per requirement in their individual case rather than on the basis of its price. However, there is a general prevalence towards keeping rates of FUE hair transplant significantly higher than FUHT hair transplant, sometimes so much so that it discourages patient from choosing follicular unit extraction procedure. At AHI, we believe that FUE is significantly advanced technique in the field of hair transplantation. We have been continuously trying to lower hair transplant prices by introducing new innovations in form of instruments and technique. Please contact us to know our detailed pricing and costing structure.

We also offer full Body hair transplants (BHT), special area transplants like eyebrow/eyelash/moustache/beard etc and the pricing and payments for the same depends on case to case basis thus can only be provided after consulting the counselor or the doctor. Discounts are usually offered only for large number of grafts and are on sole discretion of the clinic.


Rs. 10,000 has to be paid for booking of surgical procedure. This amount is adjusted against your final bill. (Rs 5000 are non refundable in case date is cancelled/altered, remaining Rs 5000/- can be adjusted against surgical procedure planned at any other date). Remainder amount is to be paid on the day of surgery.

Mode of payment

It is advisable that mode of final payment should be discussed with the counselor or the concerned clinic staff before the surgery to avoid any sort of last minute inconvenience. We accept cash, demand draft/certified cheque as payment. We also accept credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron). Online/wire transfer is also accepted. Details for the same are provided on request. Cost of currency conversion/online transfer/wire transfer/credit card charges levied by the bank will be borne by the patient.


Our surgical package does not include cost of accommodation or transport. However, we are willing to guide or arrange hotel / transport facilities for our patients. We in anyway do not try to make profit or gain from travel and accommodation arrangements. Our surgical packages are limited to inclusions disclosed at the time of finalizing your surgery.