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Hair Transplant at Affordable Price

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Pricing & Payment

Till some years back Hair transplant and restoration surgery was a costly process. The equipment and the technology were evolving and there were not many clinics that offered quality service even after charging people exorbitantly. However, in present time, latest equipment and modern techniques have made things better both for expert surgeons and people who undergo hair transplantation and restoration surgery. Number of grafts required to cover the bald area is all that you need to calculate and basis the same you can calculate the pricing of the overall procedure. At Aravali clinic, our consultants inform the patient about the charges and cost per graft ensuring that the patient can make an informed decision. The payment methods are also lucid and are consumer centric.

Pricing Details

The pricing details for FUE and FUHT hair transplantation and restoration surgeries are different. However, much of pricing rationale and other pricing details remain almost same.